websites of the future.. have arrived..

Wouldn't it be nice if websites simply answered your question.. in person.. instead of dumping tons of unwanted information on you?

hello future|webs™ ~ Developed exclusively by mediaworx..

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people just 'google' what they want..

what are you serving up?

sites must be mobile friendly!

Over 50% of searches now come from mobile devices


  • Q; "What is a web design optimiser?".
  • A: "Thankyou for asking about that.. A website design....."
  • Imagine being able to engage with those who are directly interested in your products or services? Simply visually engaging with them and answering their questions! not dumping unwanted information on them.
  • We create pages that directly engage and answer customers questions.. visually..
  • We can have you popping up all over Australia answering their questions.. Imagine that!
  • Stand out from your competition and brand your business as a market leader in your field

future|webs™ ~ the way forward..

  • starts to impact us
    we are tuning out!

    Info now at warp speed

  • websites overloaded with it
    TLDR - too long -didn't read

    people don't want more information!

  • people just want answers
    not info to hunt through

    Less than 10 secs to engage on websites

  • they have tuned out
    it's all visual now

    Can't just dump info on people now.

  • answer their questions
    engage with them

    arrival of future web visual sites

information overload

Life used to be measured in decades.. The 60's, 70's and so on. It took 10 years for the arrival of new fashions, music, new information and the assimilation of it into out lives. Now that information is coming at warp speed and we can't handle it, so we are tuning out.

People are in 'information overload' and will do anything to save a nano second. They don't want to read stuff much anymore. They just want answers to questions. Who would have believed that self serve checkouts would work? 'Saves time, don't want to talk' | Our overloaded brains are now seeking the least path of resistance.. in anything! "Short version please!" is the order of the day.

"Go the website!" used to mean, "Great, I can check this out" Now it's starting to mean, "Oh, I haven't got to look through all that lot have I?" You used to have around a minute to engage with people.. it's down to 7 - 10 seconds now..

We are looking for an answer to our questions.. not a heap of information!
"Mental energy is the new consumer currency. The less they have to spend, the more likely they are to buy!"
If they are greeted with a ton of information, they will click off and look elsewhere..

"hello - I'm Al"

artificial intelligence

Google is already recognising this and bringing back answers searchers to questions at the top of their search results, in the form of 'structured snippets'. It's another way of Google presenting information on a page, that means the user doesn't have to bother clicking through to a third-party website and then having to hunt for it.

Google said "We show the results at the top that answer the user's queries directly. We think the Google results page itself, is a "great result for users." Q: What is your website serving up? Is it 'good for users' too?'

mediaworx future|webs™ (as we call them) now deliver answers to searchers questions when they land on your website, in both a visual and engaging way! We fully expect our range of premium, 'future|webs'™ to be engaging with your customers early 2017.

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